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Livestock Production Assurance Hotline support

Project start date: 02 March 2016
Project end date: 30 June 2016
Publication date: 30 June 2016
Project status: Completed
Livestock species: Sheep, Goat, Lamb, Grassfed cattle, Grainfed cattle


MLA provides funding for the LPA hotline to answer producer enquires about the LPA program, NVDs and eDEC system via either email or phone call. The Service Provider provided call centre services to support the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) program.

This included:

  1. Answering producer questions regarding the LPA program,
  2. Registering producers on the LPA database via the LPA web site,
  3. Accepting orders and credit card payments for NVD books by registered producers;
  4. Managing the LPA Issues Management system.