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CMA: Animal Health, Welfare & Biosecurity 2020

Project start date: 01 July 2019
Project end date: 30 June 2020
Publication date: 08 January 2021
Livestock species: Grain-fed Cattle, Grass-fed Cattle, Sheep, Goat, Lamb
Relevant regions: National


This project was set up as a Company-Managed Activity (CMA) to cover incidental expenses for the Animal Health, Welfare and Biosecurity Program in the 2019/20 financial year.

Total expenditure for the year covered the cost of invited speaker travel expense reimbursement, venue hire and catering for a Livestock Wellbeing research forum, held in Sydney on 11-Dec-2019.

Benefits to industry

This project has enabled MLA to form strong networks and collaboration opportunities with the broader red meat industry. This helps perpetuate the efficacy of animal health, welfare and biosecurity initiatives in the Australian red meat industry.