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Producer Funding Opportunities

MLA offers a range of funding opportunities for red meat producers interested in participating in initiatives and events that accelerate the adoption of R&D outputs and promote sustainability and productivity in the on-farm sector:

Producer Expressions of Interest


Producer demonstration sites

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is committed to partnering with producer groups to achieve improved business profitability and productivity outcomes. Producer Demonstration Sites (PDS) aim to increase the rate of adoption of key management practices and technologies that improve business profitability and productivity, by shortening the time lag between technological innovation and adoption of practices by producers at a local level.  The PDS program supports groups of livestock producers to adapt, validate and demonstrate the business value of integrating new management practices and associated skills into local farming systems. The key outcome of a PDS is producer adoption of the demonstrated management practices resulting in improved business performance.

Who can undertake a Producer Demonstration Site project?

Funding is available for producer groups to adapt, validate and demonstrate the business value of integrating new technologies and on-farm management practices into local farming systems. Groups will require a person experienced in group facilitation and extension, monitoring and evaluation of on-farm practice change and communication and reporting, to oversee the demonstration.

For more information visit Producer Demonstration Sites

Event Sponsorship

From 1 July 2023, MLA has approached key industry events to sponsor, rather than have an open application process to request sponsorship. MLA will continue to host events in regional areas such as MLA Updates, MeatUps, BeefUps and other producer-focused events.

MLA is, however, keen to continue to provide non-financial support for events by way of MLA materials and where possible, MLA speakers and participants at events. If you are interested in having materials, please email If you are keen to have an MLA speaker at your event, please apply via the MLA speaker request form.