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Annual open call for new Producer Demonstration Site (PDS) projects

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is committed to partnering with producer groups to improve business profitability and productivity. Producer Demonstration Sites (PDS) aim to increase the rate of adoption of key management practices and technologies that improve business profitability, productivity and sustainability through livestock producers pursuing new skills and management practices in their own commercial livestock production systems.

The PDS program underpins MLA’s research, development and adoption (RD&A) programs by supporting groups of producers to demonstrate, adapt and validate the triple bottom line benefits of integrating new management practices, research and development outputs, and associated skills within the context of their commercial production systems. The key outcome of a PDS is producer adoption of the demonstrated management practices resulting in improved business performance.

Funding is available for sheep and beef cattle producer groups to validate and demonstrate the business value of integrating new technologies and on-farm management practices into local production systems.  

There are two funding options available to producer groups who wish to participate in the PDS program, levy and co-contributor.

Producer groups wishing to engage in a levy PDS project can apply for up to $30,000 per year, for the length of the project.

Groups wishing to engage in a co-contributor PDS project can apply for up to $60,000 per year (plus access fee), for the length of the project. Co-contributor projects require cash investment in the project, which is matched by the MLA Donor Company (MDC). A minimum of 15% of the co-contribution must be producer investment (cash). Refer to the application guidelines and terms of reference for further information on the funding splits available for co-contributor PDS projects. 

All producer groups will need to engage a facilitator who is experienced in group coordination and extension, monitoring and evaluation of on-farm practice change and communication and reporting.

MLA calls for the new PDS projects on an annual basis, with preliminary applications opening the first business day of April.

To find out more information on what is involved in a PDS project, check out the PDS FAQs.


Producer Demonstration Site project call postponed for 2024

Postponing the annual call will provide an opportunity to create efficiencies in administrative processes and review how the annual PDS priority setting could be further integrated into MLA’s bi-annual consultation with the Regional Advisory Committees (RACs).

The postponement of the 2024 project call will allow MLA to consult with and gather feedback from key stakeholders to consider improvements for the future and continued growth of the program.

For more information regarding the postponement of the 2024 PDS project call, click here