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With many face-to-face workshops and industry events cancelled or postponed in 2020, MLA has compiled a list of webinars and online resources to help producers continue building their business skills throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

This dedicated learning hub will be updated as more resources become available.

Practical Tools

MLA’s Genetics hub


MLA’s Genetics hub provides a one-stop-shop of tools and resources, aimed at demystifying genetics and breeding values.

The hub is designed for tropical and temperate cattle producers and Merino and prime lamb producers, who either under-utilise or haven’t adopted breeding values, but are open to learning about them in order to understand the role genetics can play in improving their business performance.

On the hub, producers have access to:

1. ‘pick the performer’ videos demonstrating the value of investing in quality breeding values
2. videos of commercial producers demonstrating how breeding values have helped increase profit in their herds and flocks
3. how-to animated tutorials outlining the basics of breeding values, setting a breeding objective and picking a high-performing sire.

FarmHub’s drought preparedness e-Guide


This e-Guide helps producers identify steps they can take to prepare for drought, as well as industry and government resources that are available to them.

Key areas:

1. business management
2. water
3. fodder
4. natural resources.

MLA tools and calculators


MLA provides a range of tools and calculators to assist red meat producers make informed business decisions. Tools include:

1. cost of production calculators
2. animal health and nutrition calculators
3. feed calculators
4. pasture tools and calculators
5. climatic impact tools
6. predictive tools
7. MSA Index calculator.

Making More from Sheep modules


Making More From Sheep is an online platform  to help sheep producers increase the productivity and profitability of their enterprises and their personal satisfaction of operating a successful farming business.

The downloadable/printable range of modules includes:

1. busines
2. resources and pastures
3. sheep technology.

More Beef from Pastures online manual


More Beef from Pastures is designed to deliver the essential principles and practices for a successful beef business.

The online manual draws on MLA-funded R&D as well as the knowledge, skills and experience of the producers who helped write the seven modules.

The overall goal of the program is to help producers achieve a sustainable (economic and environmental) increase in kilograms of beef produced per hectare through optimal management of the feedbase.

MLA’s YouTube channel


MLA’s YouTube channel is home to a range of how-to videos, informative playlists and event presentations, covering a variety of topics across the red meat and livestock industry.

Videos and webinars are regularly released and free to access.


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Accessing support that’s available – financial, personal and business.

MLA, Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) and Sheep Connect NSW are partnering to produce a series of free online webinars for producers impacted by drought, fire, flood, storms and global challenges.

These webinars cover a range of topics to address agricultural challenges and are designed to help producers get back to business and manage the successful rebuild of their enterprise following a disaster.


April May June
7 April 5 May 2 June
14 April 12 May 9 June
21 April 19 May  
  26 May  

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Profitability and Productivity webinars

MLA is hosting a series of free webinars designed to increase the profitability and productivity of sheep, cattle and goat businesses.

The topics covered range from feeding and restocking to nitrogen use on pastures and drench resistance, with each webinar being recorded and posted to MLA’s website on a weekly basis.

Dates: Weekly until 9 June 2020

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Watch here

Leading Sheep H Series webinar

Part 1: Health

In this one-hour webinar, veterinarian and sheep producer, Dr Noel O'Dempsey, will talk all things vaccinations, worms, lice and flies.

This webinar will be recorded and published online. If you register, you’ll receive an email with a link to the recording as soon as it’s available.

Date: Thursday 16 April 2020

Time: 7:45pm – 8:45pm

Register here

Boosting Northern Beef Performance: Botulism and Vaccination Considerations

In this FutureBeef webinar, join Dr Matt Ball (Senior Technical Services Manager, Virbac) as he discusses the impacts of botulism, the latest studies on the use of different vaccines and why choosing the right vaccine pays for the productivity and profitability of your beef enterprise.

Date: Wednesday 15 April 2020

Time: 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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Waterponds: the what, how, why and what’s involved in building one

A successful waterponding project involves four steps:

  1. planning;
  2. surveying;
  3. building; and
  4. management post-construction.

This webinar will focus on the third stage: Building waterponds with a road grader, but a video has been put together developed by the WA team on how it is done.

Date: Tuesday 21 April 

Time: 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

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More information:

MLA’s Events page is regularly updated to reflect any postponements or cancellations amid the coronavirus pandemic. Some postponed or cancelled events may provide online resources or webinar opportunities in the interim, which will be added to this page as they become available.