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Grazing land management (GLM) EDGE

Grazing land management (GLM) EDGE is a three-day workshop to give you a thorough understanding of the grazing land environment in which you operate – learn how to strategically manage your grazing business, so you can optimise your land condition and productivity in the long-term.

Attending this workshop will help you to:

  • understand what conditions drive growth and how you can use strategic grazing and land management to improve pasture/forage productivity
  • evaluate the productive potential of a property and identify opportunities for land condition and pasture improvement
  • understand key considerations when designing paddock and property layout
  • build a seasonal climate profile for your location and better align herd management with seasonal changes in pasture condition
  • develop a forage budget, accounting for different classes of stock and areas of your property.

What you will learn:

  • how to identify key plant species and use them as indicators of land and pasture performance
  • recognise the dominant land types on your property and how these influence productivity
  • understand how soil properties and health influence plant growth
  • know how to assess land condition and manage livestock to maintain or improve it
  • consider management strategies for your business such as fire, spelling/resting
  • understand the principles and planning steps for successfully managing weeds
  • selective grazing, its function, and how to reduce impacts
  • how to assess long term carrying capacity of paddocks and properties
  • how to choose appropriate tools and strategies to improve land condition and carrying capacities.

What this workshop covers:

  • understanding and working within the grazing land ecosystem – rainfall, climate, land types, soil and vegetation
  • assessing, maintaining and improving land condition, and maintaining 3P grasses
  • pasture growth, diet quality and evenness of grazing
  • pasture spelling
  • grazing systems and stocking methods
  • forage demand, carrying capacities and forage budgeting
  • managing tree-grass balance and using fire
  • managing weeds
  • sown pastures and their potential role in your business.

The three-day Grazing Land Management EDGE expands on the introductory Grazing fundamentals course by exploring management strategies in more detail and working through the application of these principles into your own business.

Producer testimonials

“All aspects were valuable as a whole of business perspective. Great tools especially if you don't know your country or are purchasing a new property.”

“Great to be able to work out long term carrying capacity for your cattle to look after pastures.” 

“It was all very helpful to me on gaining a better knowledge of what goes into stocking as well as getting the best out of pastures.”

“Greater understanding of value of grasses and soil conservation.”

“Comprehensive, valuable, worthwhile.”

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Grazing land management EDGE courses are run across Australia. To find a Grazing land management EDGE course in your area, visit MLA’s events calendar.


If you can’t find an event near you, please submit an Expression of Interest and we’ll pass on your details to your local deliverer.