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Goat webinars



Reducing Kid Loss in Meat Goats

Gordon Refshauge from the NSW DPI delivers key information and research on kid mortality in the goat industry. Gordon addresses:

  • Reproductive wasteage - summary of the literature 
  • The cost of kid loss to the industry 
  • Prevalence and causes of mortality 
  • Industry data - on-farm losses from pregnancy scanning to marking 
  • Producer surveys - pertitent take-home messages. 

Performance in Rangeland Goat Herds

John Francis of Holmes Sackett discusses the early stage findings from the MLA goat benchmarking project for Rangeland goat meat producers.

The Quest for a More Productive Meat Goat

Colin Ramsay gives a progress report on numerous MLA supported projects, looking into developing an Australian-adapted meat goat that will improve productivity and profitability in commercial production herds.

The work on kid survival, carcass merits, fertility, worm resistance and other production traits is showing that significant improvement in the performance in Rangeland Goat Herds can be achieved. This progress report identifies and highlights simple measures that can be used by meat producers and seed-stock breeders to raise their productivity and profitability.

The Booming Goat Industry – An Introductory Overview

Trudy Atkinson of NSW DPI provided an introductory overview of the Australian goat meat industry. In 2018, Australia processed 1.7 million goats. The industry sold 21,000 tonnes of goat meat and 21,000 live goats to international markets. The total export value was $190 million. Producers are currently receiving 938 c/kg cwt for their product.

View this webinar for important information about:

  • The production systems and supply chains that deliver goat meat to domestic and international markets
  • Supply, price and population trends
  • Major markets and global demand for goat meat
  • R&D projects, which are supporting industry development.