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Advancing sustainable future farming, today

05 May 2021 07:30AM - 05 May 2021 08:30AM

Grain-fed Cattle Grain-fed Cattle
Grass-fed Cattle Grass-fed Cattle
Sheep Sheep
Goat Goat

Location: (Beef 2021 event) Rockhampton showgrounds, Rockhampton, QLD

Cost: $45

Join NFF, MLA and Telstra as they discuss the farming industry’s sustainable future. This is a future that leverages technology and data insights to drive smarter farming practises. These technology and data advancements should deliver greater productivity, profitability and help support the agriculture industry achieve its environmental goals.

Speakers: Fiona Simson (NFF President), Jason Strong (MLA Managing Director), Kim Krogh Andersen (Telstra Group Executive of Product and Technology)

Moderator: Jules Scarlett – Telstra Executive, Sustainability Regional Affairs

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