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Business EDGE workshop | Albury, NSW

02 Dec 2019 08:30AM - 03 Dec 2019 04:00PM

Grain-fed Cattle Grain-fed Cattle
Grass-fed Cattle Grass-fed Cattle
Sheep Sheep
Goat Goat

Please note, due to insufficient registrations this event has been cancelled. For more information please contact


Business EDGE is a two day financial and business management training workshop for livestock producers. The workshop will enhance producer knowledge and skills in basic financial and business management to improve business efficiency and profitability.

During the two days of Business EDGE you will acquire the knowledge and skills to:

  • Determine if all the family needs and aspirations can be funded by the business.
  • Prepare and understand key financial information on your business.
  • Assess and manage agricultural business risk.
  • Understand and manage enterprise performance, including understanding what the key profit drivers are, how to influence them and what effect they have on overall business performance.
  • And much more …

Taught in a supportive and motivating environment using case studies and practical examples to bring meaning to the underlying principles.

Presenter: John Francis, Holmes Sackett. John has over 25 years’ experience in the agricultural industry.

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