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Ewe nutrition: summer feeding and pre-joining webinar

27 Nov 2019 08:00PM - 27 Nov 2019 08:45PM

Sheep Sheep

Location: In the comfort of your own home.

Cost: Free

Time: 8.00-8.45 pm (SA time)

Planning your pre-joining ewe nutrition is crucial to achieve a satisfactory joining result. This webinar will broaden your understanding of nutritional requirements pre-joining and how to maximise results over summer when grazing dry pastures and stubbles.

Presented by Deb Scammell, Consultant, Talking Livestock.


  • target condition score pre-joining and increasing lambs conceived
  • planning pre-joining nutrition to increase % multiples
  • what to consider when grazing dry pastures and stubbles
  • effective supplementation on dry feed
  • alternative feed sources such as spuds and grape marc.

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