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Gippsland Red Meat Conference

15 Feb 2022 07:30AM - 15 Feb 2022 11:00PM

Grain-fed Cattle Grain-fed Cattle

Location: Riviera Convention Centre, Bairnsdale Victoria

Cost: $50 - $200 (depending on eligibility)

The Conference programme is full of uplifting and inspiring presenters and topics with a general theme of Recovery and Resilience.

  • Hear how a former NSW Farmer of the Year traded his way out of 2½ years of drought
  • A family-owned sheep stud which lost its entire ewe flock in the 2015 Pinery (SA) bushfires tells how they have bounced back
  • What does it mean to be carbon-neutral, how can we achieve that, and what is in it for us?
  • Did you hear about the recent $500,000 carbon credit trade to Microsoft? We talk to one of the property managers who negotiated that deal.
  • Succession Planning: Moving the farm from one generation to the next, without tears!
  • Financial Literacy: If the CapEx fits, do you wear it? Or will you EBIT and ROAM?
  • Analysing the market forces that are shaping beef and sheepmeat prices
  • We all take care of our livestock above the ground, but what about the underground livestock? How do we take care of them, and can they make us more money than the above ground livestock?

Plus: Masterclasses in

  • Stock Trading
  • Precision Lambing
  • Crossbreeding & Heterosis

At the end of the conference there will be a gourmet paddock-to-plate dinner, to which everyone is invited.

The Gippsland Red Meat Conference is brought to you by the Gippsland Agricultural group, with assistance from the National Recovery & Resilience Agency and Agriculture Victoria, and support from major sponsors, Meat & Livestock Australia, Elders, Nutrien Ag Solutions, Maiagrazing, Ruralbank, the Herd Improvement Co-operative and National Australia Bank.

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