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Productivity & Profitability webinar – Containment feeding of livestock

08 Nov 2023 07:00PM - 08 Nov 2023 08:00PM

Grain-fed Cattle Grain-fed Cattle
Grass-fed Cattle Grass-fed Cattle
Sheep Sheep
Goat Goat
Lamb Lamb

Location: Online

Cost: Free

The Productivity & Profitability series presents new and topical information to help southern producers increase the success of their businesses. Beef, sheep and goat producers can listen to a diverse range of expert speakers present webinars to aid on-farm decision making.

This webinar features Dr Jillian Kelly, founder of Animal Health and Nutrition Consulting – a company she started in 2022 after almost 20 years as a production animal veterinarian in the private and government sectors.

Dr Kelly discusses the different types of containment feeding systems, the pros and cons of containment feeding, and considerations with regards to livestock management, nutrition, and animal health.

Tune in to this webinar to learn about:

  • Containment feeding as a proactive management strategy for drought, fire, flood, or to meet production targets
  • How containment feeding can be low cost and versatile
  • The need for careful planning in establishing confinement feeding areas
  • Attention to detail with regards to nutrition and management to achieve good results.

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