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Seven things red meat producers can look forward to in 2019

13 December 2018

What’s in store for 2019? MLA has compiled a list of the breakthroughs, innovations and events red meat producers can expect to head their way next year.

1. More animal welfare tools including NumNuts for management of pain in sheep during husbandry procedures. Outcomes are in the pipeline from the 10 projects which make up the MLA-led Strategic Partnership for Animal Welfare RD&A.

2. Amazing industry events like Red Meat 2019, to be held at Tamworth on 18–21 November 2019, BeefUp ForumsIt's EweTime and EDGEnetwork training days. More will be revealed in early 2019 but keep your eye on for updates.

3. Great consumer campaigns promoting 'Australian Beef. The Greatest' and 'Share the Lamb'. Meanwhile, cook yourself up some delicious Australian beef and lamb with these recipes developed by MLA.

4. Strong export and domestic demand for premium Australian beef, sheepmeat and goatmeat. Read all the latest forecasts and market data in MLA's Market News.

5. New pasture varieties and feedbase options including tedera, for which some seed will be available in 2018, and new cultivars of leucaena, which are currently being grow for seed build up. Meanwhile, check out how pastures are performing in your area with the MLA-supported Pasture Trial Network.

6. Better weather forecasting and outcomes from climate science with MLA leading. Check out these existing resources. Keep up-to-date with the latest forecast with MLA's online weather information.

7. Further refinements to Meat Standards Australia, which this year celebrated 20 years of lifting the consumer satisfaction for beef and lamb.

And if you'd like to reflect more on the year that was, don't forget to read MLA's Annual Report 2017–18 online now.