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Skin quality and abattoir practices

Project start date: 01 January 1988
Project end date: 01 June 1990
Publication date: 01 June 1990
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​Early Research

Current research & other activities

The value of hides and skins to Australia has fallen significantly, from being worth AUD 1,008 million in 2005 to AUD $764 million in 2009. Project A.BIT.0011 conducted a critical review covering the last ten years of novel applications for hides and skins from the red meat industry based on their material composition, other than for leather. The information was reviewed and opportunities assessed within each of seven categories selected, which were application areas such as food and medicine.

This assessment enabled a ranking of major, medium, and minor opportunities which could be facilitated in three areas of material component focus, these being;

  • The extraction of functional ‘collagen fibres’ that may be utilised in food, packaging, medical and industrial applications.
  • The effective hydrolysis of collagen optimally utilising biological, chemical and/or physical means.
  • Characterisation and specification of collagen hydrolysates that account for origin, processing and functionality, enabling effective manufacturing utilisation.

Within these areas, the opportunities clearly exist to broaden the demand and reduce sensitivity of hide and skin products to the luxury consumer markets.

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Project manager: Michael Lee
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Primary researcher: CSIRO