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Merino Dam and Progeny Evaluation

Project start date: 01 January 2003
Project end date: 01 July 2005
Publication date: 01 July 2005
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Although the results of this trial were very positive, it took four years to be able to see measurable results and some group members lost interest. The trial took place on only one member property and the pasture feedbase during the trial was very poor. During a season with a better feedbase, even better results could be expected. Group members were concerned that scanning young ewes for EMB was too much hassle, and thought it would be easier to try to increase muscling through buying better indexed LAMBPLAN rams. The project determined that using high muscled Merino ewes with LAMBPLAN selected rams could achieve a carcass weight increase - in this project an increase of 0.57kg. There was some concern an increase of 0.57kg would not be enough to offset the cost of scanning the maiden ewes, making it economically unattractive to most large producers. Calculations against lamb market prices have shown that - at an increase of 0.57kg - this is a financially significant and attractive option.

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Project manager: David Beatty
Primary researcher: MLA