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2020 Vision of the Australian feedlot industry

Project start date: 23 June 2006
Project end date: 01 June 2009
Publication date: 01 November 2009
Livestock species: Grainfed cattle
Relevant regions: National
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A previous Meat Research Corporation (MRC) project, M.544.  Input requirements for cattle feedlot industry, highlighted the managerial and economic benefits of stratification and differentiation of livestock production activities. Since that time, a number of the Australian beef industry operators have adopted and benefited from this strategy, turning cattle off breeding areas at an earlier age and trans​​ferring them into the feedlot production system. The feedlot sector believes that if the industry wide benefits of these strategies could be demonstrated and quantified, the pace of beef industry structural change would be accelerated, accruing benefits to all sectors of the industry. FLOT.132 ​A 2020 Vision for the Australian Feedlot Industry has been designed to evaluate and demonstrate the economic, environmental and social benefits of these feedlot industry development strategies going forward to the year 2020.

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Project manager: Des Rinehart
Primary researcher: Warwick Yates and Associates