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NLIS support projects

Project start date: 24 May 2010
Project end date: 30 June 2010
Publication date: 30 June 2010
Project status: Completed
Livestock species: Sheep, Goat, Lamb, Grassfed cattle, Grainfed cattle


A number of other projects were completed by NLIS Ltd to measure and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its services.
V.NLI.0832 Communications/Help Desk Survey. An external communicatiuons organisation were engaged to undertake a survey of users of NLIS services, such as callers to the Help Desk.V.NLI.1032 NLIS Image Library. NLIS engaged a photographer to take a serious of photographs of livestock with NLIS tags.  These photos will be used on collateral and user materials for NLIS and MLA.V.NLI.1432 Financial third party pilot review. A consulting organisation was engaged to undertake a review of the NLIS financial third party trial.V.NLI.1165 NLIS Project Management Services. MLA engaged a contract project manager to assist NLIS in managing a number of development projects, including the development of Global Livetrack.V.NLI.1311 IVR Enhancements. Engagement of a Contractor to make changes to the NLIS Help Desk telephone system (IVR) to improve the experience of callers to the Help Desk.V.NLI.1415 Enhancements to Help Desk Software. Engagement of a software development contract to make changes to the software used by the NLIS Help Desk to improve operator eficiency and improve delivery of service to customers.V.SMA.1006 NLIS Status Codes Communications. The purpose of this communication plan is to communicate information about PIC and device based status codes to a selected target audience.V.SMA.1406, V.SMA.1506 NLIS Ltd Transfer.  This covered costs relating to the potential transfer of NLIS from MLA to AHA.V.NLI.1525 NLIS Sheep and Goats Workshop: Engagement of a cnsultant to facilitate a workshop to consider the outcomes of the ABARES NLIS Sheep and Goats Decision RIS.V.NLI.1313 funded the development of  a NLIS Business Continuity Plan should access to the MLA building be impacted.