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Getting connected: Pathways for improving connectivity for our feedlot industry

Project start date: 01 January 2018
Project end date: 01 July 2018
Publication date: 23 October 2018
Project status: Completed
Livestock species: Grainfed cattle
Relevant regions: National
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The purpose of B.FLT.8009 is to identify the connectivity requirements of Australian feedlots.  This includes defining the current use and availability of communications infrastructure in supporting the Australian lot feeding industry, identifying the future requirements of the industry, and the connectivity requirements, to support emerging technologies.

The project team includes Premise Agriculture and Professor David Lamb from the University of New England.  The team have completed site visits to 11 feedlot businesses across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, to develop connectivity case studies for the feedlot sector. These case studies showcase the current levels of connectivity across a range of feedlot businesses.  This report presents the findings of these case studies, as well as a technical assessment reviewing the current internal and external connectivity options, potential telecommunication providers, and possible emerging technologies available to the feedlot sector. A range of connectivity solutions, unique for each feedlot business involved in the case studies, has been provided.

The "Getting Connected" technical assessment and case studies have been designed to assist operators in assessing their own needs and identify potential solutions.

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Primary researcher: Premise Australia Pty Ltd