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Preparation and revision for 2nd Edition of the grazier manual ‘Leucaena - A guide to establishment and management’

Did you know MLA has published a synopsis of the second edition of the leucaena guide to help manage Australia's grazing systems?

Project start date: 29 January 2018
Project end date: 21 June 2019
Publication date: 20 September 2019
Project status: Completed
Livestock species: Grassfed cattle
Relevant regions: National
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The Leucaena - A guide to establishment and management producer manual was first published by MLA in 2006 and promotes the successful and responsible use of leucaena for beef cattle production. Since its publication, new and important research has been undertaken.

Several leading Australian and international producers and scientists have provided new information to promote the use of leucaena in cattle grazing systems.

This material, as well as information sourced from scientific publications and industry reports, has been incorporated into the updated publication of Leucaena - A guide to establishment and management (2nd edition), to be released in late 2020.  An eight-page synopsis, An introduction to leucaena – the productive and sustainable forage legume, has been created to provide information to producers until the guide is published.


The primary aim of this project was to update the 1st edition of the grazier manual with new content, material and relevant producer case studies, to create a 2nd edition of the manual for publication that would support the adoption and impact of grazing management for the Australian beef industry.

Key findings

Major revisions of the 1st edition of the manual were made to:

  • case studies and grazier experience
  • best practice management guidelines of leucaena toxicity, irrigation, weed control and greenhouse gas mitigation
  • comparative analysis with other forage crops and pasture systems

New material has been added to the 2nd Edition including:

  • description and application of new varieties of leucaena
  • practical recommendations for monitoring and managing plant nutrition in leucaena pastures
  • international case studies on leucaena feeding systems
    ‘further reading’ lists have been provided for each chapter to refer graziers to more detailed information
  • two new chapters: one on nutritional aspects of leucaena for ruminants, and the other on a revamped chapter on environmental aspects of leucaena.

Benefits to industry

The revised edition of ‘Leucaena - A guide to establishment and management’ will provide graziers with practical information to facilitate their successful adoption of leucaena pastures. Expanding the area of new leucaena, and increasing the productivity of existing leucaena, will have a significant impact on the sustainability and profitability of beef enterprises in Northern Australia.

MLA action

In order to get the updated information to producers in a timely manner, MLA has produced an eight-page synopsis, An introduction to leucaena – the productive and sustainable forage legume. This handout will aid producers until the Leucaena - A guide to establishment and management (2nd edition) is published in late 2020.

Future research

There are several ongoing research projects and Producer Demonstration Sites relating to the use of leucaena in northern grazing systems. The establishment of a sterile variety is highly anticipated, along with work focusing on the methane mitigation capabilities, and the animal performance benefits.

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