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Healthy ageing project: Development of tools and model of collaboration

Project start date: 15 April 2020
Project end date: 15 June 2020
Publication date: 17 November 2020
Livestock species: Sheep, Goat, Grain-fed Cattle, Grass-fed Cattle, Lamb
Relevant regions: National
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The aged care sector supply chain from red meat producer to resident is complex and diverse. A common language is needed to align and bring the supply chain to a common goal. The development of a Red Meat Guide to Aged Care Sector would be a common guide for all participants in the supply chain.


A great industry challenge is to establish a means of collaborating between red meat processors and the aged care industry. Specific tools are required to ensure that all parties are on the same page and can articulate shared goals, shared benefits and shared risks.

The tools were applied through workshops with representatives of both industries. The aim of the workshops were to:

  • identify the issues
  • identify opportunities
  • gauge interest and commitment from both industries
  • produce a plan for further action.

Key findings

  • This project revealed that the red meat industry and the aged care sector are willing to work together to overcome the challenges.
  • There is an enthusiasm to develop cuts, recipes and packaging options to meet the needs of elder consumers.
  • To work together well for the benefit of both industries, it is first necessary align the supply chain through common practices and language for products, specifications, handling and cooking instructions.

Benefits to industry

The project has shown that there are considerable opportunities for the red meat industry in providing products for elder Australians, both in residential care and at home.

There is an urgent need to provide nutritious, tasty and cost-effective meals for a range of consumer types. Both industries have demonstrated readiness to participate in a process to develop a business model to overcome the challenges and deliver high quality solutions.

MLA action

MLA is faced with three challenges:

  1. to provide a confident supply chain so every aged care operation has one red meat dish on their menu every day
  2. to provide recipes and 'branding' so red meat options stand out on the menu and are selected by residents
  3. to provide innovative products and training so the red meat options are appealing to look at and taste great.

Future research

To prepare a detailed project plan of next steps for a multiyear innovation program to address the conclusions of this project.

Red meat industry representatives identified the paucity of consistent information for procurement and preparation, which creates significant difficulties in preparing tender documents, aligning with the supply chain and also creates waste and duplication of effort.

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Primary researcher: Hargraves Institute