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MLA’s Sustainability Update 2021

MLA’s Sustainability Update 2021

MLA has released its Sustainability Update 2021, demonstrating our investments in sustainability, our commitment to transparency of our production systems, and our unwavering focus on continuous improvement through proactive adoption and practice change.

Reporting on 50 saleyards and producing 70 market reports per week

Daily Indicators
18 Jun '21
EYCI (¢/kg cwt)
913.25 NC
Feeder Steer (¢/kg lwt)
442.7 NC
Hvy Steer (¢/kg lwt)
394 NC
Medium cow (¢/kg lwt)
282.6 NC

Growing demand for red meat in over 100 global markets

Contributing to producer profitability, sustainability and global competitiveness.

Driving innovation on and off-farm

Research, development & adoption

MLA invests in research, development and adoption projects with a wide range of partners including producer groups and research organisations.

Extension, training & tools

MLA supports extension and training opportunities with events and practical information, tools and calculators to assist producer decision making.

Research priorities - get involved

MLA’s regional consultation process empowers producers to directly influence the on-farm research areas their levies are invested in.

Investing in world-class research, development and marketing


MLA is investing $66.9m on behalf of grassfed cattle producers.


MLA is investing $14.7m on behalf of grainfed cattle producers.


MLA is investing $47.3m on behalf of sheepmeat & lamb producers.


MLA is investing $1.2m on behalf of goat producers.

Providing tailored services and solutions


The Australian livestock industry’s on-farm assurance program.


Australia’s world-leading system for the identification and traceability of livestock.


Improving the eating quality and consistency of beef and sheepmeat.

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