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How MLA encourages participation in meetings

Membership of MLA is open to all levy-paying grassfed or grainfed cattle, sheep, lamb and/or goat producers and is free of charge. MLA understands that not all levy payers are members.

MLA actively promotes membership to all levy payers through events, its website and advertising where appropriate.

MLA utilises the levy payer register (provided to MLA by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry) to determine voting entitlements for all members. MLA utilises its producer communication tools, regular magazine Feedback and weekly e-newsletter The Weekly as well as regional rural publications to ensure members are reminded of the need to ensure that their membership details are consistent with their levies return forms to ensure all votes can be correctly allocated.

When votes are allocated MLA posts a notice of meeting to all members advising them of their voting allocation and the order of business to be considered at the AGM. MLA also publishes the annual report on its website.

Members are invited to submit questions to MLA at any time prior to the meeting and, at the meeting there is opportunity for the Chair and MD to answer these. At the meeting Members are also encouraged to ask questions and make comments about MLA’s operations, its audited report and the performance of the Board and senior management. The Chair may respond directly to questions or, at his discretion, may refer a question to the MD or another Director.

Candidates for election or Directors seeking re-election are given the opportunity to address the meeting and to answer questions from members.

Voting on each motion being considered at the meeting is generally conducted by way of a poll.

It is understood that not all members are able to attend the AGM and try to accommodate all members by offering a hybrid event with both a physical and online attendance option. MLA tries to ensure as many members as possible and other levy payers are aware of the proceedings that occur at the AGM.

MLA reports the outcomes of any resolutions to the AGM on its website and seeks to have them publicised in the media through the distribution of a media release and making key MLA personnel available for media interviews.