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A story of sustainability

Australia’s red meat integrity system is essential to the sustainability of the red meat and livestock industry and any proactive communications or marketing of beef, lamb or goat, according to industry leaders who took part in the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework panel discussion at Red Meat 2018.

A panel of six industry leaders and external stakeholders tackled the topic: ‘What can we do to support a thriving red meat industry to 2030 and beyond?’

One resounding answer was an industry led overarching communications strategy to promote how Australia’s red meat products are produced in a social, ethical and environmentally responsible way.

Outgoing Chair of the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework’s Steering Group, Bryce Camm, said the red meat industry needs to have the necessary evidence, facts and data in place first.

“You have got to have good integrity systems, and quality assurance systems behind that, and industry has invested in that over 25 years,” Bryce said.

“You need a report card monitoring progress, and a commitment to continual progress, which in the beef sector space we have been building over the last four years.”

Natural Capital Manager for NAB, Stephanie Russo agreed, adding that it is important that the red meat and livestock industry holds to account those along the value chain who are not doing the right thing.

“You need to have the (Australian Beef Sustainability) Framework sitting behind that to make sure you are lifting the bottom of the sector and making sure people are doing the right thing in the minds of consumers and investors.”

Panel members included:

  • Don Mackay (RMAC Independent Chair)
  • Bryce Camm (Outgoing SSG Chair, ALFA President)
  • Jamie Heinrich (Sheep Producers Australia Board Member)
  • Mark Inglis (Farm Assurance & Supple Chain Manager Livestock at JBS Swift Australia)
  • Susie Craig (Sustainable Supply & Quality Manager at McDonald’s Australia)
  • Stephanie Russo (Natural Capital Manager NAB)

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