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Five reasons to watch the MLA updates

30 September 2021

21MLA Updates story tile_712x389px.jpg

Doubling the value of red meat sales by 2030 isn’t just a pipe dream – it’s a very real and achievable target, but one that requires calculated investments in areas most impactful for industry.

The free ‘MLA updates: IMPACT series’ webinars, running every Monday from 18 October to 15 November, will discuss some of these investments and the positive impact they’ll have on profitability right along the supply chain.

With a range of expert speakers and a treasure-trove of information you can use here and now to improve your business, attending the ‘MLA updates: IMPACT series’ should be a no-brainer for red meat industry decision-makers – but just in case you’re on the fence, here are five reasons to clear the calendar and register now:

1. Modernising supply chains means more profit for all

When: 18 October 2021
It’s common knowledge that data and insights are a huge part of modern business strategy, but are you aware of how MLA is using these to unlock new opportunities for stakeholders and consumers?

In the update ‘Impact through supply chain innovations’, learn about emerging technologies and systems being delivered through this data, and the potential of feedback to boost on-farm performance and profits in the future.

2. Sustainability isn’t just a buzz word anymore

When: 25 October 2021
Sustainability has quickly evolved from being an industry goal to an expectation, which producers and industry participants must commit to in order to remain competitive.

In the update, ‘Impact through sustainability innovations’, learn how MLA’s on/off-farm sustainability investments and carbon neutrality commitment (CN30) aren’t just meeting the challenge head-on, but are creating newfound business benefits and opportunities.

3. Australia’s integrity systems remain critical

When: 1 November 2021
Australian red meat is some of the cleanest, safest and most traceable in the world, justifying the premiums customers and consumers pay for it globally. This is thanks in no small part to the industry’s world-leading integrity systems.

Learn about how these systems stack up against the global competition, the benefits they provide and the resources available to make achieving integrity easier and simpler in the update ‘Impact through strengthened integrity systems’.

4. A global strategy for selling red meat

When: 8 November 2021
The way consumers view red meat is changing, and with sales channels around the world becoming increasingly fragmented, this means new approaches to marketing Australian product are required.

In the update ‘Marketing impact towards 2030’, learn how MLA’s marketing programs aren’t just keeping Australian red meat relevant amid challenges such as COVID-19 and geopolitical tensions, but are growing demand through impactful investments.

5. Everyone has a role to play in building community trust

When: 15 November 2021
The need to share the positive story about red meat has never been greater, with growing community interest in the industry’s animal welfare and environmental credentials, along with promoting red meat health benefits for consumers to feel good about red meat consumption. Everyone in the industry has a role to play. This means that everyone needs to be on the same page with the story and information being shared.

Through the update ‘Impact of red meat positioning to build community trust’, learn what consumers currently think about red meat, how MLA is positioning the industry positively to respond to concerns and what individuals can do to build community trust.