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Highest weekly cattle slaughter in 2021

01 July 2021

Key points:

  • Slaughter for week ending 25 June hit 105,921 head, the highest in 2021
  • All states contributed to the rise
  • Slaughter cow yardings ticked up 37% the same week after four weeks of decline


Eastern states’ slaughter hit 105,921 head for the week ending 25 June, the highest for 2021 according to the NLRS.

All states contributed to the rise, which was mirrored by increased numbers of kill cattle flowing through the yards after a month of declining yardings. A backlog of cattle coming forward from the lull a few weeks ago may have also contributed to the rise in slaughter last week.

Cows acquired by processors jumped 37% to hit 5,017 head for the week ending Friday 25 June. The majority of those were coming out of NSW (38%), Queensland (32%) and Victoria (23%). 

Despite ticking up last week, declining cow kill levels highlight producer intentions to retain breeding herds and produce calves as quickly as possible to capitalise on a strong domestic market and improving demand internationally.



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