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New guides share innovative marketing tactics

31 August 2021

Key to marketing efforts in the US retail sector is to implement tactics that take a fresh and innovative approach to drive awareness, sales and preference for Australian beef and lamb.

A trial series of whitepapers has been developed to provide a deeper dive into some of these opportunities, the challenges, return on investment and lessons learned to take the guesswork out of implementing something new in your arsenal of promotional tactics.

The first two whitepapers will look at:

  1. Leaning into accelerated online shopping in America – how do shoppable recipes successfully inspire consumers and make it easy to add Australian lamb to their e-commerce carts?
  2. Taking a prudent turn away from high-priced macro influencers in the social media space – how do you mobilise an army of 700 nano-influencers to educate and engage their shopper peers on the benefits of grassfed beef and lamb from Australia and motivate engagement and purchase?

For more information on the whitepapers, visit Australian Meat Retailers | True Aussie USA Retail.