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Who's job is it?

23 May 2019

A property-to-property transfer might occur if you buy livestock privately, receive stock on agistment or borrow stock from another producer, or if you transfer goats between two of your properties which have separate Property Identification Codes (PICs).

The person receiving the consignment (the animals) is responsible for registering the stock movement – that is, whenever goats are delivered onto your PIC, you must make sure the National Livestock Identification Service (NLIS) database is updated. This will be a mob based transfer (except in Victoria) providing the details of ‘from PIC’, ‘to PIC’ and number of head.

Victorian electronic identification (eID) program

In Victoria all goats born after 1 January, 2017, need to be identified with an electronic identification (eID). From 31 March, 2018, property-to-property transfers of individually tagged goats must be recorded on the NLIS database.

All goats must be scanned by the producer receiving the animals with the movement details uploaded to the NLIS database within 48 hours.

For goats born prior to 2017, mob-based transfers can still be completed.

If goats are purchased from a saleyards the movement is uploaded to the NLIS database by the saleyards.  In this circumstance, the receiver is not responsible for notifying the database.  For more information on how to complete movement transfers, click on the links below:

Mob based movements guide

Individual movement guide