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MLA Market Information produces export summaries and market snapshots of our major red meat destinations. If you wish to receive an alert when the export summaries are updated each month, please email


Trade statistics

Market insights


Australian beef exports (monthly)

Australian sheepmeat exports (monthly)

Australian goat exports (monthly)

Australian offal exports (monthly)

Australian monthly export statistics (excel)

Global beef market snapshot

Global sheepmeat market snapshot

Global goatmeat market snapshot

Global quota tracker


Australian beef exports to Japan (monthly)*

Japan beef imports (monthly)*

Japan beef market snapshot

Japan sheepmeat market snapshot


Australian beef exports to Korea (monthly)*

Korea beef imports (monthly)*

Korea beef market snapshot

Korea sheepmeat market snapshot

Korean beef market prospects

North America

Australian beef exports to North America (monthly)

Australian sheepmeat exports to North America (monthly)

US beef market snapshot

US sheepmeat market snapshot

North America beef market snapshot

Steiner US beef report (weekly)

Steiner US sheepmeat report (monthly)

Steiner Canada beef report (monthly)

Steiner Mexico beef report (monthly)

Greater China

Australian beef exports to Greater China (monthly)

Australian sheepmeat exports to Greater China (monthly)

China beef imports (monthly)*

China beef market snapshot

China sheepmarket snapshot

Hong Kong red meat snapshot

EU & Russia

Australian beef exports to EU (monthly)

Australian sheepmeat exports to EU (monthly)

EU beef market snapshot

EU sheepmeat market snapshot

SE Asia

Australian beef exports to SE Asia (monthly)

Australian sheepmeat exports to SE Asia (monthly)

SE Asia beef market snapshot

SE Asia sheepmeat market snapshot

Indonesia beef market snapshot

Live export summary - LiveLink (monthly)


Australian beef exports to MENA (monthly)

Australian sheepmeat exports to MENA (monthly)

MENA beef market snapshot

MENA sheepmeat market snapshot



Taiwan beef market snapshot


Australian domestic beef market snapshot

Australian domestic sheepmeat market snapshot

Competitor Suppliers
USA USA  supplier snapshot
Brazil Brazil supplier snapshot
India India supplier snapshot

*report released mid-month due to timing of data being published

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