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Bushfire recovery

The immediate aftermath of a bushfire, particularly in the first four weeks, is an important time for producers to assess damage to their property and livestock and, where possible, start to recover their businesses.

This page contains important resources for cattle and sheep producers impacted by bushfires by these topics:


Livestock health and welfare 

Vaccination is the most cost-effective way to reduce the risk of disease and breaches in biosecurity. Vaccines are available for most of the infectious diseases of livestock in Australia. Speak with your local vet and neighbours to compile a list of local diseases which pose the biggest risk to your flock/herd and start there as it is not profitable to vaccinate livestock against all diseases.


Producers are advised to seek professional advice from a vet or animal nutritionist, particularly before feeding grain to livestock for the first time.

Cattle nutrition 

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Fact sheet

Feeding and nutrition following a bushfire – cattle

Fact sheet

Feeding and nutrition following a bushfire – weaners









Sheep/lamb nutrition

Sheep feed and nutrition Sheep nutrition guide

Fact sheet

Feeding and nutrition following a bushfire – sheep

Producer guide

Production feeding for lamb growth – a guide for producers










NLIS and LPA requirements

ISC emergency contacts tile-600x275.jpg









Transportation and agistment Fit to load guide


Recognise the signs of mental health issues

Mental health support


Recovery assistance