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Eating quality


MLA’s research and development (R&D) investments into the eating quality of red meat aims to deliver a world-leading, consumer-focused initiative that drives demand and improves the eating quality of Australian beef and sheepmeat.  

These initiatives improve the price premiums that are delivered to supply chain participants and support the development and recognition of Australian red meat brands. 

Eating quality R&D investments create opportunities to differentiate Australian red meat compared with other competitor proteins and encourages repeat purchases by guaranteeing a satisfying eating experience. 

Core activities

Current R&D investment areas include:

  • implementing findings as identified by Meat Standards Australia (MSA) and beef and sheepmeat taskforce committees
  • leading the collaboration of international eating quality research and data platforms
  • developing a cuts-based grading system for sheepmeat
  • enhancing grading efficiencies through objective carcase measurements
  • identifying on-farm practices and technologies that increase eating quality
  • investigating ways to reduce non-compliance to MSA carcase grading requirements.

Benefits to industry

In a market characterised by rising red meat prices and fierce competition, brand owners cannot afford to dissatisfy their consumers. By meeting and exceeding customer expectations, price signals flow back through the supply chain incentivising continuous improvement.

The world leading MSA R&D into eating quality provides beef and sheepmeat brand owners with a competitive advantage, allowing them to reinforce their brand’s eating quality to consumers.