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Producer Demonstration Site (PDS) - Temporary Fencing for Improved Lamb Survival

Project start date: 02 August 2018
Project end date: 31 August 2020
Publication date: 06 November 2020
Livestock species: Sheep, Lamb
Relevant regions: National
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The aim(s) of this trial were to demonstrate an improvement in twin lamb survival by reducing mob and paddock size with temporary fences during lambing and demonstrate the cost-benefit of using temporary fences and the ease of construction and removal.

This trial was conducted on Merino ewes and Composite ewes across four properties in the Willaura/Lake Bolac areas of western Victoria between 2017-2019. 

Over the life of the trial, there was a 4.8% improvement in lamb survival across the participating properties.


For producers from the Willaura BestWool BestLamb (BWBL) group to demonstrate:

  • how temporarily reducing paddock and twin ewe mob size during lambing can increase twin lamb survival by 10% (measured by marking percentage relative to mob allocation to paddock)
  • the ease at which temporary fences can be constructed and removed
  • that temporary fencing is a cost effective strategy to employ rather than increasing single bearing mob size to free paddocks up for twins.

Key findings

  • Across all farms, years and stocking rates there was a 4.8% improvement in twin lamb survival, representing a 9.8% improvement in lamb marking rate.
  • Over the trial period, a 301% return on investment over the trial period was demonstrated.
  • The total net benefit over the trial period was $2.78 per ewe, $20.73 per hectare and $15.06 per lamb.


More information

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Primary researcher: Dynamic Ag Pty Ltd