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P.PSH.1411 - Jimmie's for Kids Beef Bites - Commercialisation Opportunity

Jim's Jerky has created a product called Jimmie's for Kids Beef Bites, which offers a healthy, high protein snack for busy families, designed to be consumed on the go.

Project start date: 20 August 2022
Project end date: 30 May 2024
Publication date: 03 May 2024
Project status: Completed
Livestock species: Grain-fed Cattle, Grass-fed Cattle
Relevant regions: National, Cold wet, Dry, Mediterranean, Tropical warm season wet, Sub-tropical moist, Sub-tropical sub-humid, Temperate, Temperate sub-humid, Tropical Moist, Tropical wet
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The project aimed to identify and support the opportunity spaces for Australian red meat in the kids and toddler food category by establishing the optimum adoption pathways for this segment that has traditionally had low red meat penetration. The project included identifying case studies on current/potential usage channels, recipe finalisation and an in-market launch of the new product.


This project utilised traction modelling to identify key drivers of customer acquisition, activation, retention, and referral. The bullseye method was used to evaluate up to six channels for the value proposition including systematically ranking, prioritising, selecting and testing these channels, generating evidence to form an evaluation of each channel and its expected success. Channels included: domestic retail via major supermarkets, direct-to-consumer via e-commerce, domestic retail via independents, domestic food service (including schools, catering and cafes), export direct-to-consumer via e-commerce, export via importer/distributor partners.

Key findings

The key findings as a result of this project will help lead future discussion on adding high value to commodity red meat into the children and toddler category of consumers in Australia as well as identifying the best adoption channels for a red meat product in this category.

Benefits to industry

The project will benefit the red meat industry by demonstrating the value proposition of a healthy, high protein, convenient red meat snack designed for busy families and active kids on the go, a category that currently does not have high red meat protein penetration. It specifically targets the consumer problem of how to get more red meat protein in the kids lunchbox occasion and aligns well to MLA's strategic plan to investigate new, high value usages and occasions for red meat. In turn, delivering value back to industry in the form of higher red meat uptake.

MLA action

Final report to be published on the MLA website.

Future research

This project aligns well with MLA’s goal to increase the market demand for red meat via new high value product and business model development, that will translate into increased value and incremental volume back to producers.

More information

Project manager: Angelica Pickup
Contact email:
Primary researcher: Jims Jerky Unit Trust