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MLA's EDGEnetwork® offers practical learning opportunities to help producers gain knowledge and develop skills necessary to improve their livestock enterprises.

This educational and informative format encourages producers to expand their current expertise and learn new skills, be motivated by other producers and access the latest information. Producers gain the best of group and individual learning by working in small groups that enable them to receive personalised service.

The EDGEnetwork workshops have been developed by industry specialists and tested by producers Australia-wide to guarantee their quality and relevance.

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Current EDGEnetwork courses:

Business EDGE

A two-day financial and business management training workshop for northern beef producers. The aim is to enhance producer knowledge and skills in basic financial and business management to improve beef business efficiency and profitability. Improving financial and business performance is particularly important given the continued climate of declining terms of trade, increasing land prices, tightening credit and rapid national and global economic and policy influences affecting beef enterprises.

Business EDGE Young Guns
Business EDGE Young Guns workshops are for up and coming livestock producers who are ready to build their skills and confidence to manage a modern agricultural business. The workshop covers the content from Business EDGE as well as an additional module on long-term wealth creation and a Young Gun keynote speaker. Find out more about Business EDGE Young Guns.

The Breeding EDGE

Is designed to help you develop a cattle breeding program or improve your existing one. Topics covered include examining your current situation, reproduction issues, genetics, setting breeding objectives, livestock selection and managing the herd to capture benefits.

Grazing Land Management

Will assist you to develop grazing management strategies to increase profit and sustainability. Completing this workshop will allow you to assess the condition of your paddock, understand more about the grazing ecosystem, meet target markets while remaining sustainable in the long-term and determine the financial impact of grazing management options.

The Nutrition EDGE

Gives a comprehensive look at ruminant nutrition. The topics covered include minerals and managing deficiencies, pasture growth and quality, and grazing management. 

Upcoming events

Check the MLA events calendar for upcoming EDGEnetwork sessions

The EDGEnetwork concept is jointly owned by MLA and the Department of Primary Industries, Victoria.