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2024 Summer Lamb ad skewers the generation gap

08 January 2024

The highly anticipated Summer Lamb campaign launched on Sunday night during the 6pm news bulletin on Channel 7 and 9 – skewering the generation gap that has divided the nation. Through this campaign springboard, the ad reminds Aussies that there’s actually more that unites us than divides us.  

Summer is a key time for Australians to get together with friends and family over a meal or barbeque. To capture this important sales occasion, the campaign aims to create talkability for the Lamb brand, while encouraging purchase when shoppers are making their protein choice across retail and food service environments. 

Building on the ‘Share the Lamb’ brand platform, the 6-week integrated campaign features topical jokes, a good dose of satire and of course, lots of mouth-watering lamb. The long form ad imagines a world in which the generations have been separated by The Generation Gap: an impassable chasm that keeps each age group away from the others. Left to their own devices, each generation has become the worst version of themselves – until a lamb BBQ appears to break down the generational divide and reunites them once and for all.  

Watch and share the ad here: