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Australian Lamb and Domino’s partner to Share the Lamb on pizzas this summer

24 January 2024

Australians can now Share the Lamb through an exciting new range of lamb pizzas hitting Domino’s menus, thanks to a collaboration with Australian Lamb and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA).

The new Domino’s Summer Lamb Pizza and Meltzz range, launched this week, is spearheaded by the Lambassador Sam Kekovich as part of the incredibly popular and successful Summer Lamb Campaign.

Domino’s will use slow cooked pulled lamb on a Greek Lamb Tzatziki and Lamb Meatlovers pizza, as well as a Greek Lamb Tzatziki Meltzz, Slow Cooked Lamb pasta and moreish Cheese ‘n’ Mite scrolls, available exclusively in Australia.

According to MLA’s Domestic Marketing Manager, Graeme Yardy, the partnership between Australian Lamb and Domino’s follows work by MLA’s Business Development team in diversifying and expanding the relevance of lamb into quick service restaurants (QSR).

“Australians love their lamb and associate it with high quality and flavour. This means adding lamb to a menu allows foodservice operators to capture the opportunity to positively differentiate their business,” Mr Yardy said.

“There is a significant opportunity for lamb to shine brightly on fast food menus due to its versatility, taste and quality. Partnerships with restaurants such as Domino’s are a fantastic way to showcase lamb to younger generations and those of different cultural backgrounds, especially within metropolitan Australia.”

For Domino’s ANZ Head of New Product Development and Innovation Michael Treacy, the launch is not only a fantastic opportunity for expanding Domino’s menu options, but also about supporting Australian sheep and lamb producers.

“Our ongoing commitment to championing local produce allows us to proudly present Aussie classics made with ingredients grown and sourced right here in Australia,” Mr Treacy said.

“Our connection with local Aussie producers runs deep, and we’re dedicated to nurturing the growth of our local farmers. It’s a partnership we take great pride in supporting.”

Domino’s new Greek Lamb Tzatziki pizza