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Feedbase recovery after a seasonal break

14 March 2019

While it can feel like it will never rain again, producers need to be on the front foot with planning for recovery said Mick Taylor, MLA Project Manager - Feedbase.

"It’s the feedbase which will underpin how quickly your business returns to full productivity," he said.

"Ensuring it’s ready to go when the season does break provides a solid start.”

Mick pointed producers to the range of online resources, particularly the modules in Making More From Sheep and More Beef from Pastures.

He’s selected three simple guides to help you going forward:  

1. Assess your pastures: Check out this article with Cam Nicholson about pasture decision making.

2. Manage your pastures going forward: Read this MLA Tip & Tools resource on managing pastures in a drought.

3. Maximising the benefit: What do you do when the season breaks? Check out this online resource on restocking strategies.

Tools for pasture assessment and recovery planning

More information:

Mick Taylor, MLA