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Keep everyone on your farm ‘in safe hands’

11 July 2024

Heavy machinery, livestock, open water sources, power tools and motorbikes – it comes as little surprise that a farm can be one of the most dangerous workplaces in Australia.

According to data from AgriFutures and AgHealth Australia in the Non-intentional farm-related incidents in Australia 2023 report, 32 on-farm deaths were reported last year – a tragic statistic, and yet a decrease of 23 lives lost from the year prior.

Farmsafe Australia’s National Farm Safety Week highlights the importance of creating a safer culture on Australian farms, promoted this year through the theme ‘In Safe Hands’.

Aiming to promote a supportive environment, ‘In Safe Hands’, has been chosen to highlight the fundamental principle of everyone taking responsibility for on-farm safety and wellbeing, so that every farmer and their families can thrive without the fear of preventable injury.

From 14–20 July, National Farm Safety Week will shed light on all aspects of farm safety, including first aid, children on the farm, low-stress stock handling, and ageing farmers.

The campaign will also address vehicle and machinery safety. Tractors are a leading cause of on-farm fatalities, with figures from AgriFutures and AgriHealth showing 276 of the 1,742 deaths since 2001 were tractor-related.

Quad bikes remain the second leading cause of on-farm fatalities since 2001, and in 2023 matched tractors as the leading agent, each causing five of the reported on-farm fatalities according to the 2023 report.

It was also reported that quads were the leading cause of non-fatal injuries on-farm last year, making up 35 of the reported 122 injuries

Farmsafe Australia has been working to improve these statistics through education and engagement with communities and stakeholders, providing easy access to information on hazards and risk factors, along with practical safety tips.

As National Farm Safety Week approaches, visit the Farmsafe Australia website and social media pages to see how you can keep everyone on your farm in safe hands.

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