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New consultant login adds value to the AFM

03 October 2023

Livestock consultants can now access their client’s Australian Feedbase Monitor (AFM) data through MyMLA, allowing for an increase in tailored advice for Australian red meat producers.

The AFM, which was launched in November 2022, provides an overview of a property’s ground coverage and feedbase availability over a 30-day period. The service is free for MLA members with a MyMLA account.

Developed by Cibo Labs and Meat and Livestock Australia, more than 2,500 producers, managing more than 76M ha of Australia’s agricultural land, are now utilising data from the AFM tool to inform on-farm decisions.

Producers are now able to share their property data and reports with a trusted advisor, allowing consultants to better analyse data and provide targeted on-farm advice for their clients.

Alastair Rayner, Cibo Labs extension and adoption manager said: “The ability to share data has meant that consultants can use the AFM tool to provide real value to their producer clients. It is a feature a lot of consultants have spoken to us about adding, and we are excited to see how livestock advisors will use the information to increase the profitability of their clients.”

Analysis of a property’s AFM data can lead to better management decisions, including matching property level carrying capacity with stocking rate, or identifying the need for supplementary feeding of animals when entering periods of lower pasture growth.

“Every week I find new uses for the AFM, either to respond to my clients' specific needs, or to respond to seasonal events, including drought, fire or even understanding the long-term impact of flood events,” Alastair said.

“Having the information available at my fingertips refines how I give advice and really helps understand a client’s individual trigger points for decision making.”

In addition to accessing the 30-day feedbase monitor, producers can share their MyFarmKey property report, which provides a comprehensive overview of the individual property. Additional reports, including a Ground Cover and Woody Vegetation report and a Forest Carbon report can be obtained by consultants for an additional fee.

Livestock consultants wishing to access their client’s data can do so via an annual subscription. Subscribers can access up to 25 properties for an annual fee of $250, or up to 250 properties for an annual fee of $1000. Producers will then need to allow the consultant to access data and reports.