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New digital record keeping tools to help goat producers

15 March 2021

Record keeping just got easier for goat producers with updates to the Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) system that provide a suite of digital tools for producers to create and store records online.

As of December 2020, property risk assessments and farm biosecurity plans can now be completed and uploaded in a fully electronic form as shown below.



Further updates made to the LPA program in December 2020 allow all records required for LPA to be stored in the ‘record keeping’ section of producers’ LPA accounts. This provides one central location for records, saving time and ensuring easy access for both producers and LPA auditors.

Goat producers are encouraged to log in to their LPA account and become familiar with the range of helpful tools available to ensure their goat enterprise is meeting the requirements of the LPA program.

LPA provides the tick of approval for on-farm assurance and allows Australian goat producers to stand by what they sell.

Editor of the Mohair Australia (Victorian division) newsletter, Lill Roberts, was encouraged by the new changes to the LPA program, particularly in respect to the new digital tools available to complete property risk assessments and farm biosecurity plans online.

"I'm encouraged that this is happening so there is support for record keeping requirements,” Lill said.

As a goat producer, operating a lifestyle property producing Angora goats in the south Gippsland region of Victoria, Lill is critically aware of the need to maintain accurate on-farm records.

“With the threats that we have around biosecurity and the need for sustainable animal production, we've got this need to account for everything we do now,” she said.

Lill is eagerly awaiting further improvements to the digital record keeping tools currently available on user’s LPA accounts.

This new feature, available soon, will enable producers to create and update their records directly within the templates accessed from their LPA account.

Feedback on the new system features is welcomed through the recently added 'feedback' tab on the right-hand side of the LPA website.

Recent updates to the ISC Helpdesk system have meant that producers can now access a range of commonly requested services and information from the Helpdesk 24 hours a day, seven days a week using the Helpdesk’s new self-service function. The option to speak with a customer service officer at the Helpdesk during business hours (9am–5pm AEDT) remains available.