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Producers share red meat's story in new on-farm videos

12 February 2020

Red meat producers are front and centre in a series of new on-farm videos, designed to showcase the industry’s strong environmental, social and animal welfare credentials to consumers.

Produced by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) for its Australian Good Meat program, the 11 videos feature beef and lamb producers sharing their own stories about how they care for their animals and natural resources.

MLA Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Lisa Sharp, said the producer-led videos have been released to engage consumers around how red meat is produced in sustainable, high welfare systems.

“Australian livestock producers care about their animals and the environment in which they're raised,” Ms Sharp said.

“The reality is their livelihoods depend on a thriving environment, healthy ecosystems and good animal health and welfare.

“This new suite of videos transport viewers on to the farms of red meat producers as they explain their approaches to consistently producing the clean, green and safe red meat for which Australia is renowned.

“The videos are housed on the Good Meat online platform and will be used across a range of channels, including social media.

“Five of the videos also featured in an immersive 360 degree format at MLA’s Red Meat 2019 event at Tamworth in November, to show producers how MLA works to promote their stories.”

Ms Sharp said the videos reinforce the Good Meat online platform’s objective of providing consumers with an open and trusted source of information about the production of beef, sheep and goat meat in Australia.

“Good Meat was established as a direct response to the increasing interest consumers have in the provenance of their food and how it is produced,” Ms Sharp said.

“The new producer videos align with MLA’s role in promoting the value of environmental stewardship and animal welfare to the community, and cementing community trust in the Australian red meat industry.”

Producers who feature in the videos include:

  • Stuart Tait, Mandurama, NSW
  • Melinee and Robert Leather, Barfield Station, Banana, Queensland
  • Jenny and Paul O’Sullivan, South Gippsland, Victoria
  • Charlie Blomfield and Eleanor Falkiner, Canowindra, NSW
  • Ray and Leah Vella, Marlborough, Queensland
  • Deb and Fergus O’Connor, Gippsland, Victoria
  • Adam and Jacynta Coffey, Miriam Vale, Queensland
  • Charlie Arnott, Boorowa, NSW
  • Paul Crock, South Gippsland, Victoria
  • Chris and Sharyn Holmes, Theodore, Qld
  • Mim and Jack Walker, Theodore, Qld

To view the videos, visit

Photo Caption: Beef producers, Ray and Leah Vella, Marlborough, Queensland, are among the producers to feature in the new videos.

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