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Get ready for The Weekly

20 August 2021

From Friday 3 September, MLA will combine all your favourite content from Friday Feedback and Prices & Markets into one e-newsletter – The Weekly!


This means you’ll still receive everything you’ve come to expect from Friday Feedback and Prices & Markets over the years, including market statistics and commentary, producer case studies, the latest MLA news, upcoming events and a red meat recipe – all in the one place.

Do I need to subscribe to The Weekly?

If you’re already subscribed to either Prices & Markets or Friday Feedback e-newsletters, The Weekly will automatically be sent to your inbox on Friday 3 September. If you’re not currently receiving any e-news from MLA, you can subscribe at:

Prices & Markets and Friday Feedback will be discontinued after their final editions on 26 and 27 August.

Why is MLA combining Prices & Markets and Friday Feedback into one e-newsletter?

The Weekly has been created following producer feedback to provide all the week’s news and updates in a single email.

The benefits of the new newsletter include:

  • all Friday Feedback and Prices & Markets content in one place
  • less industry emails for you to work through
  • a full week of market developments to report on through a Friday release
  • a simple design so you can easily find information that’s relevant to you.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Weekly in one week's time.