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25 July 2022

The MSA Meat Science Course is held twice a year in June and November and is a comprehensive course which explains the scientific factors affecting the eating quality of beef and sheepmeat all the way from production through to the consumer.

The five-day course is a requirement of licencing for MSA processors but is also suitable for producers, lot feeders, stock agents, traders, industry consultants and anyone wanting to gain a more thorough understanding of the factors which impact red meat eating quality.

The most recent course held in Brisbane was highly rated, with all participants agreeing it would be useful to their business and they would definitely recommend it to colleagues and other businesses.

The next course is due to be held in Sydney between 21–25 November 2022.

Analytics for IndustRy

MSA also delivers the Analytics for IndustRy course which delivers statistical training to develop the data handling/analysis skills for staff from the meat processing and pastoral industries.

The course uses the statistical programming language, R, and focusses on on-farm and carcase data. Participants in the workshop work on datasets related to their job during the course.

The five-day course is held over two weeks, which includes one three-day and one-two day block. The next course is tentatively booked for early 2023.