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Year in review: the most read articles of 2023

20 December 2023

As the year draws to a close let’s take a look back at the most popular articles from The Weekly throughout 2023. This collection of articles offers practical insights and tools to assist with your on-farm productivity and profitability.

10. Productive herds deliver a greener bottom line

Argyle Foods Group, a vertically integrated pastoral company, is working to minimise its environmental impacts while maximising the productivity of each animal on-farm.

9. Calf survival project leads to heavier calves and healthier cows

Paraway Pastoral Company’s Matt Barrett is managing reproductive performance and calf survival with the help of a joint MLA/UQ project. Matt said a 1% improvement on their calving rate was worth $200,000.

8. Vetch earns its place

When WA producers, brothers Michael and John Bertola (pictured middle and right), faced medic pastures which fell short of providing adequate feed, they turned to vetch and haven't looked back.

7. Fast facts on weeds

MLA's Weed fast facts publication is an information guide on 15 different common pasture weeds that provides producers with the knowledge to make better weed management decisions.

6. Corn silage provides cost effective fodder

Following the 2018–2019 drought that impacted their property, John (pictured) and Caroline Chappell went on the hunt to find a way to replenish and improve pasture conditions.

5. Fertiliser secures feedbase

In just eight years, the stocking rate at ‘Trawalla’ has more than doubled. Manager Jim Gaylard (pictured) credits this growth to the enterprise’s approach to applying and managing fertiliser.

4. Producers hit jackpot for soil performance

Producers have a new tool to help identify fertiliser options, increase beef production and improve soil health. One producer has seen a 218% increase in beef production.

3. Fertilising pastures boosts production

Beef producer Sam Haig (pictured) has reaped the benefits of fertilising his pastures – including doubling carrying capacity – as a result of participating in an MLA Producer Demonstration Site.

2. Top tips to improve vaccination

Vaccinations are a critical component of cattle husbandry and can prevent livestock diseases. Here are some tips for including vaccinations in your herd management plan.

1. Lime boosts pasture production

Tom Hicks (pictured) has analysed the costs and potential returns of applying lime for increased pasture production. His analysis showed the potential to increase his stocking rate by 35%.