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MLA invests in research and development (R&D) to improve both on- and off-farm connectivity to enable data collection and transmission for improved business management, decision making and profitability.

New technologies relevant to the red meat supply chain rely on internet connectivity for data and information flow and accelerating the rate of innovation and adoption is integral for the industry to remain globally competitive.

Improving the connectivity of enterprises, particularly in remote areas, offers the opportunity to expand and enhance current livestock management options.

Core activities

Connectivity R&D investments include:

  • investigating ‘big data solutions’ for various sections of the red meat industry
  • trialling ‘Internet of Things’ devices for real time data collection
  • assessing the suitability of current and emerging technologies that could help improve internet connectivity 
  • piloting the concept of ‘digital transformation’ to capture data and generate management systems to assess improvements in processes, practices and technologies.

Benefits to industry

Improved connectivity with efficient speeds and minimal interruptions benefits all businesses across the red meat supply chain through:

  • reducing the need for manual input of data
  • enabling technology, remote sensors and real time information to reduce manual labour to monitor livestock, equipment and resources
  • increasing the speed of monitoring production processes
  • improving access to information to drive productivity gains in livestock.