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Current tenders

MLA is seeking applications from individuals, organisations or project teams with the expertise required to undertake one or more of the following projects:

Stocktake and investigation of sustainability data and metrics for the Australian cattle industry

The beef industry is continuously evolving to adopting proactive, transparent, and co-ordinated approaches to meet customer and community expectations. As part of this process, the industry needs a clearer understanding of what data are currently available across the key areas of sustainability and to determine what indicators are most relevant.

Over the last decade industry has seen different issues gain prominence at different times, including industry profitability, carbon, water, animal welfare, nutrition, rural community health and natural resource management. Therefore, indicators must be developed that can reliably provide an indication of the sustainability of the livestock industry - this will include issues that are material to the industry now and that are likely to be in the next 5-20 years. Since the completion of the Materiality Review, the Sustainability Steering Group is seeking to review and refine the indicators and data available in the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework, relevant to the 24 priorities.

Applications must be received by 5pm Friday 23 July 2021.

Terms of Reference

For more information, please contact:

Jacob Betros
Manager – Beef Sustainability
Meat & Livestock Australia
Phone: 0417 450 962

Environmental Credentials for Australian Beef project - Facilitation Services for Working Groups

Meat & Livestock Australia is seeking expressions of interest from service providers with the skills and experience to provide professional online facilitation services. The Environmental Credentials for Beef project will develop an online platform accessible to grass-fed beef producers wanting to measure and demonstrate the outcomes of their environmental stewardship efforts. The Platform will have measuring tools and learning resources co-developed with beef producers across five theme areas – biodiversity stewardship, ground cover, carbon balance, tree cover, and drought resilience. Professional facilitation services are needed to achieve high quality engagement and input from working group members in co-design processes for each theme. Working groups will be co-designing the technical content of environmental themes for use in an online platform. Themes allow beef producers to measure, monitor and learn more about their on farm environmental performance.

Question: Is this tender only open to individuals?
Answer: No, this tender is open to individuals, teams or collaborations with suitable skills and experience.

Question: I / my organisation is interested in submitting a tender but we are unable to commit time to complete the role in full. Can I still apply?
Answer: Teams with suitable skills and experience will be considered positively. In addition, MLA may consider suggesting collaborations between individuals / organisations that have suitable skills and experience but are unable to commit the time to undertake the role in full individually. If you / your organisations is interested in the role, but unable to commit time to the full role, please submit an application addressing the selection criteria and provide an estimate of how much time could be committed.

Terms of Reference

Applications must be received by 5pm Friday 30 July 2021.

For further Information, please contact

Renelle Jeffrey
Manager – Sustainability Portfolio
Phone: 0414 255 058