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Management systems for Border Leicester – Merino ewes carrying the Booroola gene

Project start date: 01 January 1992
Project end date: 01 February 1996
Publication date: 01 February 1996
Project status: Completed
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This Project aimed to provide Australian Prime Lamb Producers with a highly fecund prime lamb mother and advice on how they could best be managed. This Project has taken the number of Booroola Leicesters in South Australia from 2 to over 1000. A booklet detailing a management system for Booroola crossbreds has been written and posted to over 60% of prime lamb producers in South Australia. For industry to achieve its greatest benefit from these highly fecund sheep, some expenditure on changing the attitudes of our Prime Lamb Producers is warranted.

More information

Project manager: David Beatty
Primary researcher: Department of Agriculture, South Australia