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Contribution to Methane to Markets Program 2009/10

Project start date: 21 September 2009
Project end date: 01 December 2009
Publication date: 01 December 2009
Livestock species: Sheep, Goat, Lamb, Grassfed cattle, Grainfed cattle


These projects represent the MLA funding contribution to the Methane to Markets Program. This program incorporated a number of collaborative research projects on the capture and utilisation of methane from dairy, piggery and beef cattle feedlot operations. These projects were managed by RIRDC, with Steering Commitee input from the research funding agencies, which included the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry; the RIRDC Chicken Meat Program; Meat & Livestock Australia; Australian Pork Limited; and Dairy Australia. The funding was used to fund both project work and a project manager, to ensure projects were supervised to finalisation and the outcomes made available to the respective industries. As a result of this work a number of project reports were published by RIRDC which can be found using the links below.

RIRDC Assessment of Australian Biogas Flaring Standards
RIRDC Assessment of Methane Capture and use from the intensive Livestock Industry
RIRDC Biogas Production by Covered Lagoons
RIRDC Estimates of Manure Production from Animals for Methane Generation
RIRDC Methane to markets in Agriculture R&D Plan 2007 - 2009
RIRDC Using Methane in Intensive Livestock Industries
RIRDC Creating Energy from Effluent
RIRDC Methane Recovery and use at Grantham Piggery
RIRDC Options for Biogas Cleaning and Use On-farm
RIRDC Quantification of Feedlot manure Output for Beef-Bal Model Upgrade