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Priority weeds

More than 2,500 species of weeds impact Australian agriculture, costing around $5 billion annually, of which $3 billion is attributed to livestock industries.

Priority and notifiable weeds are restricted in their sale and movement, and the relevant local authorities must be notified upon their detection.

States and territories have different legislation governing priority and notifiable weeds. Producers should contact their local department of primary industries for further information on these species and their obligations as landholders.

MLA research has shown 119 weed species relevant to Australian grazing lands, with 48 being especially significant. The weeds of greatest significance to a particular producer will vary according to local conditions and bioclimatic zones. To read more about this research, see Weeds of Significance to the Grazing Industries of Australia.

Practical tools for the management of weeds can be found on the weed control resource hub.