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New Products and Packaging

Consumers are changing – living longer, travelling more and accessing huge volumes of data and information. Changes in behaviour and lifestyle are affecting how, when and why we purchase and eat certain foods.

MLA is working to ensure red meat (and its associated by-products) are best positioned to target these trends – and those quickly emerging – by collaborating with innovative businesses, as well as with global food trend experts and technology developers via the new products and packaging program.

Evolving global food and packaging trends are the high-value opportunities of the future. Identifying opportunities that add to the diversification of new products and packaging solutions, through new usages and occasions, will grow Australian red meat demand. Developing new high-value products that drive full carcass utilisation and generate greater value than traditional commodity trading models, are key drivers for ongoing MLA investment.

Key themes

Five key themes related to innovative products, services and technologies that could potentially capture high value are:

Research and development