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Northern wet season hub

After a run of dry years, this wet season will present new opportunities and some potential challenges for northern producers.

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Five tips to prepare for the wet season

Colin Burnett, manager of Queensland cattle property ‘Lara Downs’, provides his top tips to prepare for the wet season.



Wet season spelling for improved pasture performance

Producers across northern Australia are using wet season spelling to manage the persistence and palatability of pastures, and to increase animal productivity.

Reducing parasite and disease risks in your herd

During the wet season (especially following a run of dry years), increased insect activity increases the risk of vector-borne disease such as three day sickness (Bovine Ephemeral Fever).

It is important to ensure vaccinations are up to date. Brand and vaccinate calves and valuable animals and monitor young stock for internal parasites.

In high-risk areas control measures for ticks and buffalo flies should be implemented.

Reducing calf loss

Calf loss, including losses that occur after a breeding cow has been categorised as pregnant, right through to weaning, can be a significant contributor to reproductive inefficiency in northern breeder herds. New Tips & Tools are available for producers to start to assess and tackle this issue.

Managing the impacts of extreme weather events or seasonal conditions

With the arrival of the wet season, producers are encouraged to prepare for flooding and cyclones. This means making sure all family and staff are aware of your procedures, and that all animals are prepared for emergencies.

Preparing for cyclones and floods

Prepare for the wet season with an emergency plan, an emergency kit and a livestock emergency plan. The NT government has prepared a list of simple steps to follow:
For your home, your family and your business
For your livestock

Dealing with natural disasters

If you are impacted by a natural disaster, you can find support, resources and key contacts here.

Mental health support

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with mental health, you can find a list of support services here.